First amateur dosimetric station
based in Púchov, Slovakia, central Europe

Providing a quick English reference: to start, visit the logs page first.
If on-line, the station logs background (natural) radiation 23 hours a day with hourly updates.
A Raspberry Pi connected to a DIY geiger counter circuit, is used.

pulz/hod - counts per hour (CPH),
pulz/min - counts per minute (CPM),
mkR/h - exposure in microrengens per hour,
mkrad - dose in microrads (* 0.01 = to get micrograys, uGy),
(vzduch) - absorbed dose computed for air,
(tkanivo) - absorbed dose computed for tissue,
odchýlka - percentual difference in comparison with previous measurement,
priemerná/najmenšia/najväčšia hodnota ožiarenia - average, minimum, maximum recorded exposure

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